Sustainability is our superpower

Sustainability Is Our Superpower!

P&J Live is proud to be the most sustainable venue of its type in the United Kingdom.



Our Net Zero Pledge

P&J Live has signed the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge to achieve net zero by 2050 and halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.


Our Greener Venue Certification

The venue is working to secure its Greener Venue Certification which will further demonstrate independently verified green credentials to visitors and stakeholders.


Our Net Zero Consultancy

P&J Live works closely with its Net Zero consultancy partner, Positive Planet, to enhance and accelerate the venue's climate and sustainability journey.


Our Carbon Literacy Training

The venue Leadership Team is fully committed to achieving the stated sustainability goals and has introduced carbon literacy training for staff. The venue also has its own in-house green team to consider and action new sustainability ideas.


The AEV Sustainability Action Group

Venue team members are part of the Association of Event Venues' (AEV) Sustainability Action Group.


Our Continuous Data Analysis

WeTrack software monitors our sustainability efforts by setting department targets across three key areas of CSR: Protecting The Environment, Investing In People, and Strengthening Our Communities.

Positive Planet



Our Low Carbon Energy Centre

The venue and two on site hotels are supplied by a multi-technology, low carbon energy centre. The development also contains a state-of-the-art Anaerobic Digestion Plant that produces gas.


Where Our Energy Goes

The energy centre provides heating, cooling and power, via a site-wide heat network to the venue and hotels. Excess electricity generated on site is fed back to the grid.


How We Manage Energy Demand

Demand is managed with the use of energy storage in the form of hydrogen production, hot and cold thermal stores, and grid export for excess production.


Our Anaerobic Digestion Plant

The AD Plant processes food, distillery and agricultural wastes. This produces Biogas which is upgraded to Biomethane before being exported to the national gas grid. The site as a whole produces more gas than the energy centre uses to generate the heating cooling and electricity supply to the venue and hotels.



Hydrogen Buses Charged By Our Venue

A fleet of hydrogen buses powered by the venue serve our city. The venue is assisting Aberdeen Council with their efforts to export hydrogen from the venue's energy centre to fuel the bus fleet.


A Hub For Electric Vehicle Charging

The venue offers EV charging and is part of a feasibility study looking at a significant EV Charging Project across the north of Scotland.


Promoting The GreenSkies Initiative

LoganAir, the venue's airline partner, offsets carbon emissions through its GreenSkies programme.


Enjoying Our Green Space

There are 7km of footpaths across the site and more than 29,000 trees and shrubs have been planted. This creates a green living environment, encouraging wildlife, our staff and the general public to enjoy the venue's surroundings.



Our Guardians of Grub Initiative

P&J Live is an active participant in the Guardians of Grub initiative, championing the reduction in food waste from spoilage, production and plate waste.


Our Responsible Recycling

P&J Live's building has separate waste segregation for recycling. All food waste is composted locally, zero food waste is sent to landfill.


Our Support For Local Suppliers

Local suppliers are used wherever possible, helping to reduce food miles and menus are based on seasonality, when ingredients are at their best and readily available.


Our On-Site Compactors

Waste collections are minimised by using on-site compactors.


Keeping It Local

Any residual non-recyclable waste is sent to a local waste-to-energy facility.



Recycling Plastics

From June 2024, 85% of the venue's food & beverage plastic usage will be recycled.


Making New From Old

Used plastic cups are collected after each show to produce new products.

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A Vision For The Future

Ideally P&J Live wants to supply reusable cups to visitors. This is still work in progress as the closest centre to wash and return these is based in Glasgow. Travelling there and back would defeat the purpose of having reusable cups, and so we continue to seek a viable solution.



Our Paperless Venue

P&J Live is a paperless venue (digital tickets only) and no paper-based marketing materials are used on site.


Promoting Reusable Marketing Materials

In-house exhibition stock and expertise means we can offer access to environmentally friendly display boards that can be recycled rather than ending up in landfill, along with lower transport logistics for our conference organisers and exhibitors.

ASM Global Acts

ASM Global has a bold corporate social responsibility platform, ASM GLOBAL ACTS, which dramatically elevates the entertainment giant’s commitment to protect the environment, invest in people and strengthen communities around the globe. Find out more about our ASM Global Acts policy and action plan. P&J Live's sustainability initiatives strongly align with this and the venue's team are leading the way towards a greener future.

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